Letter to Leaders

“CEOwn your Message”

As a leader, you know better than anyone the impact of communication.

On your company. On your clients. On your culture.

Your message either drowns in the waters of competition or stands out in a crowd.
Your clients either feels just satisfied or they become walking billboards for what you do.
Your culture either breeds people who work to collect a paycheck or The Intrepreneur ™ who steps up with self-initiated ownership and lifts the performance of all.

That’s because your words drive behavior. 

Or so we’re told. 

“What words do we need to trend in the marketplace?”
“What words do we need to perfect our selling process?”
“What words do we need to motivate our team to succeed?”

The truth is, your words don’t drive behavior. Your emotion drives behavior.
Your tone and your intent and your attitude drive behavior.

They say, “Communication is everything.”
In reality, and in practice, the psychology of communication is everything. Without it, communication is nothing. 

My raison d’etre, my reason for being, is to help leaders harness the power of communication so that they can solve problems that go beyond their own company to serve their communities and, ultimately, the world.

If you have spent a lifetime cultivating a message, creating a cutting-edge product or providing a world-class service, isn’t it time for that value to be shared beyond your four walls?

It’s time for your message to inspire movement and action.

Visceral is where you develop into a CEOwner ™. Of your words. Of your tone. Of your impact.

It’s my honor to take you there.

Talia Jacqueline

Talia Jacqueline