Reason for Being

Talia Sound Wave

Nothing you experience
as a child is your fault.

Yet it does create your default – your default way of being, feeling, acting and living.
When you learn your default, you can shift to your Gift.

Part 1: Default Being

Your early experiences in life set the stage for the conditions of your pain and the conditions of your gift. I’ll show you the default identity that runs your entire life. You will never understand yourself more clearly and it will forever change who you become.

Part 2: Reason for Being

The Reason for Being process was inspired by the French term, “raison de’tre,” defined as the most important reason for something or someone’s existence. That’s what you are going to realize during our time together. Somewhere along the way, we learn to chase our purpose – something to do with our life. Your RFB reveals your gift – who you get to be in this life.

Part 3: Application & Integration

You’ll learn how to use and infuse your Reason for Being into your existing career, business or new venture. It becomes the gift you can’t not give, and the driver for your every decision as a result. Watch how quickly people become magnetized to who you are and what you’re building.

Apply here for a VIP Session with Talia

  • Identify your Reason for Being in business and life.
  • Virtual intensive with follow up integration sessions.
  • Investment: $5,000